MCA Internship – A thought before

MCA Internship – A thought before

This article is basically for my juniors and for everyone who are looking for MCA (or rather any) internship.

                We are here to make a career in the IT industry. Someone has rightly said that “Only thing constant in the IT world is – Change “. We live in the ever changing field so choosing a technology becomes a bit difficult.

                Internship and the company greatly differ from college to college. If you are lucky enough to get into a college with nice placement activity then just forget about technology. It so happens that you hardly get a choice to choose your technology. And yes when you are getting placed in a big banner then the probability is high that you are gonna work on a certified or closed source technology like .NET.

                Now let us talk about a College where they hardly provide any placement (M not taking any names hereJ). If you find yourself in such a college then I would say you need to get some thought on the technology you want to do your internship in. And this is where I think I can help you clear your thoughts or rather confuse you. I am specifically gonna talk on .NET and PHP.

                Mostly Student from Zero Placement Colleges get to do internships in Firms (Firm is a small scale company with minimal employee strength). Now here is the twist, as a firm owner I won’t be investing much on my resources like office, desktops and employee. And the firm owner will try to save money is as much things as possible. A firm owner will try to cut the expenses by deploying or using Pirated copies of software. (We all must be using pirated or cracked copy of windows or any other software).

Now all the “.NET” developers just think about it, every firm will try to cut expenses and hence there is a high possibility that they might not want to install a licensed copy of software on the system. Forget installing they might not use .NET software in their company coz you don’t want auditors to come and start accounting for that.

For the above reasons there is a chance that the company may opt for a free solution. And the answer for that solution is “OpenSource” and at this very moment many other opensource technologies come into picture, “PHP” is the first. A small firm will always want something free to give them the same effects and functionality the licensed software get. And for internship, we have this thing as the project should be a web development project only. One can hardly find the difference in a site made in .NET or PHP. So the same thing hardly matters to the firms. So I may agree that PHP scores against .NET in this context. Technology wise .NET may be superior but for an internship, you need to decide what you want to work in. As of now you can see there are lot many companies who are hiring PHP professionals and the one thing you should notice after reading this is that all these companies are new or small scale companies trying to make their mark. As far as bigger companies are concerned they are hiring professionals with technology choices of licensed software’s which the company can and are affording.

I would like to conclude with an example.

Have you ever seen a tree or plant with sturdy, hard and big stem in flowing water??? The answer will be no coz the plant or a tree can’t survive with that sturdy, hard and big stem against the water current. The plants that survive in flowing water have slender and thin stems. Mind you slender and thin doesn’t mean weak. Plants with slender, thin and STRONG stem survive in the ever changing water current by molding and changing themselves depending on the situations. As a fresher we need to mimic the plant with Slender, Thin and Strong Stem. We need to adjust ourselves according to the industry. Yes we all do have our favorite technologies to work on. Who says that we need to forget what we love. The first thing we want to do is to get into the industry and then after understanding it inside-out we can make our moves of switching back to our original technology. Yes, you can be stubborn about your technology choices but I guess that moment will come once you have established and proved yourself to your bosses and company alike. So fresher’s and juniors this is a small example from my side to help and guide you (I am not that experienced to guide you or help you in anyway, but I am just sharing my experience)

Let me make it clear to you that I aint saying that PHP is better than .NET, but just helping you to open up your mind to this possibility too. Even PHP is gonna fade away in near future. I guess we hardly gonna see a day when the technological advancement is gonna come to a Stand Still Think from a firm owner’s perspective and you will know better. So everyone who is searching for Internships or jobs out there make sure you keep this thing in your mind and plan accordingly.

I hope you like this article and if you think you can add on anything more to it then sure do comment on it.


  1. Well Nice article :) My Suggestion would be don't try to become technology dependent as we do not know what secret is their in future..!!!
    Today we are seeing PHP is like BOSS of web development.But who knows Tomorrow what language (like. Ruby) will dominate the WORLD.
    That's My 2 Cents...!!!

    1. Yes Rightly said. Becoming Technology Dependent will make one stagnant. We surely need to Keep on evolving in IT-World......
      No technology is gonna stay for ever coz I guess there cannot be any technology which gonna be called "Latest" forever.

  2. OK..sagar but a good thing about .NET is that it has multi-language support. You can currently write ASP.NET applications in C++, C#, Visual Basic.NET, Jscript.NET, Python, Perl, Java (J#), COBOL, Eiffel and Delphi,etc etc(or will be able to in the very near future) . who knows you may even find yourself writing your ASP.NET applications in PHP in the future just like other languages are used in .NET — may be it's possible in near future.. and also I think is not platform dependent, you can run ASP.NET on Mono in Linux .

    1. Yes, Sir. I would like to point that, I never said .NET is bad or PHP is Good. I, myself want to learn .NET...... I just tried to convey the current market scenario here, and have also added that its for the juniors to take technology decisions keeping this things in mind :)

  3. Hi sagar.
    i wanted to meet you personally for the confusion between these two or including java altogether three.
    however, in vacations , people start learning some specialized subjects for future career aspects but i am truly into a big confusion about whether to choose PHP , java or .NET for the career or interns.I literally spent lots and lots of time searching for right opportunity AFTER MCA on internet and end up on your site. which really did help me.
    furthermore ,as you said above , you can start your career with PHP which is i guess non of your interest and you might take a switch from it after getting good exp, but what for those who;re interested in PHP ONLY(incl. all subtrees). Actually i can see that good companies are hiring JAVA professionals or freshers, how can i think where would i even stand.
    what you have said is a really good action BUT being a low scorer i can't dream about MNCs but at least i can think of a good start to the career may lead to the best end for the life.I really do like designing and developing and anything that comes to the web,i am 72% sure to choose web development for my career.
    Also i would like to know
    If i choose JAVA then does it make a difference?
    does MNCs hire WEB DEVELOPERS- PHP ?
    also tell me your plannings where to take a switch from PHP for good pay.

    Thanks You
    Pratik Mishra
    (your Junior)

    1. Hi sagar and Pratik
      According to me right opportunity is that which will increase scope of your future career path in industry. so don,t be language dependent ,just keep interest in software development area,(or in Software testing), Be multidimensional because Company is looking forward for Talented people not the rigid one (who are going in only in one direction), explore all functional areas of working , just dream about good opportunity rather than company ,be holistic

      Ans about u r questions
      - If you choose JAVA that is also good option having huge market scope
      -Yes according to company requirement MNCs hire PHP too

    2. Yes Aditi. You are totally right. Even I strongly agree to that. Thats why I said that no one should be language dependent but rather should go with the market Flow. Thanks for your valuable comments.

    3. one thing popped out of my mind, now you have mentioned SOFTWARE TESTING that most of us just keep away of our sight, but I personally think its a great start too as I attended few workshops in college. Wanted more information about it though.
      however, NOTHING IS LATEST by Sagar, keeps hopping into my mind too.
      I am not rigid nor dependent on college's fake hopes about campus interviews.
      Thanks Aditi and sagar.

    4. Hey Pratik,

      Yes Software Testing is indeed a nice option and will surely discuss about it. But the sad thing is that, for the MCA project purpose, ST(Software testing) projects are not entertained and as we are discussing about MCA Internship, I preferred to steer clear of that subject. It is a great career option though.
      And talking about next article, keep watching this site :P

  4. Mr. SS Sagar I appreciate this article written by you and loved this line 'And the answer for that solution is “OpenSource” '.
    I would also like to add the benefits of open source.
    I you try and compare different open source technologies they are similar in nature(generally their syntax) and are easier to understand and learn, also you need not face any problem if you change the technology for example jsp to php is not that hard, Since they are Open Source.

    1. Thanks for add-ons. Those are totally valid points too.