MCA Internship - The First Step

MCA Internship - The First Step.

I guess you people will be familiar with my previous article MCA Internship - A thought Before. Now moving forward I will just give you a glimpse of what you should be doing to get into the Internship mood and gearing to face the Big Bad world....

Generally we have the tendency to just relax a bit after our sem 5 exams, we might desperately want to enjoy the last vacation of your student life. Yes its really very tempting (LAST VACATION). But this is a crucial time for you.

My classmates and me, we did enjoy the last vacation but with a twist. I still remember the day when we had about 2 dozens of xerox copies of resumes and we were roaming aimlessly in a IT park. We were looking like a proper Sales Persons. My friends who were with me will surely agree to this. We had this thought in our mind that we needed to personally visit the company to apply. We always believed that as a fresher , we have to reach the company, the company wont try to reach us. ( until and unless you are exceptionally qualified and talented fresher with top notch college).

We visited around 15+ company on a single day. Getting all tired and down. But it surely was a learning experience for us. We got to know the gravity of the situation we gonna face immediately after the end of Vacations. That day put all of us on our toes and hence we aggressively started searching for internships.
We did enjoy our vacation but the enjoyment was of a different kind, mixed with a sense of urgency for the want of internship.

Resume or CV or Profile or Bio-data holds a very important position in find a right internship or job. A resume is basically the person without being physically present there. The resume needs to talk about you in a manner which is more suited for the applied company. So make sure you pack the right contents in your resume which rightly highlights your strengths. Now you can have many nice formats for Resumes available on the net, just try to google it and edit it accordingly.


Keep on applying for all possible technologies. You can have your preferences but by doing so you may block opportunities for yourself. You may even have to adapt of technology and platform unheard of. Now this really sucks. Coz this is the time that you come to the conclusion and personally experience the fact that - All the things you studied in your college is hardly used in real world..... But then it does happens and it has happened with me.

Make sure you have your accounts on job portals with updated and current resume and details. Always have a nicely written mail and proper heading for the mail. Just to give you a hint, I would never mention that I am a fresher in the subject line but will surely mention about my Score Class in it. example "MCA with First Class" or "MCA with Distinction" followed by the post or profile you are applying for. This nicely written mail forms the Cover Letter for you.

Now is the waiting period for the interview call. Interviews for interns are nothing different then interviews for other professionals. Just that in these interviews we have to give the interviewee that you are a loyal person and there are high chances that you would continue working in the same company after the internship.

I am surely gonna write about my experience of giving interviews, but that gonna wait for a while.

I hope this article is of any use to you and helps you to plan your steps accordingly.