MCA Internship – A thought before

MCA Internship – A thought before

This article is basically for my juniors and for everyone who are looking for MCA (or rather any) internship.

                We are here to make a career in the IT industry. Someone has rightly said that “Only thing constant in the IT world is – Change “. We live in the ever changing field so choosing a technology becomes a bit difficult.

                Internship and the company greatly differ from college to college. If you are lucky enough to get into a college with nice placement activity then just forget about technology. It so happens that you hardly get a choice to choose your technology. And yes when you are getting placed in a big banner then the probability is high that you are gonna work on a certified or closed source technology like .NET.

                Now let us talk about a College where they hardly provide any placement (M not taking any names hereJ). If you find yourself in such a college then I would say you need to get some thought on the technology you want to do your internship in. And this is where I think I can help you clear your thoughts or rather confuse you. I am specifically gonna talk on .NET and PHP.

MCA or MBA - The Debate

MCA Or MBA - The Debate!!!!!!

Now just looking at the topic many will be excited to read this post. People who are happy with their course will read for how  Well their stream is portrayed compare to other. People who are not Happy will read it know what more things that are bad in their field of choice. But sorry to disappoint you. This post is not for the Optimistics or Pessimistics but for Opportunistics  who exactly wants to know the reason for this debate. The reason is simple. The Opportunistic want to know what course He should pursue. I hope by the end of this write up you would have some Clarity in your thoughts or rather great confusion (Sorry for that :-) ).

Yea Being a Mumbai University MCA graduate I may save a few points for MCA but then its human tendency. But worry not most of my very good friends are from top Mumbai University MBA Colleges and hence are always giving me insights in this stream. As for knowing about MCA and life/career after that, I guess my knowledge on this subject is OK.

Computers and IT Market Trends

Birth of Information Technology and its Market Trends.

Its been a known fact that around 15-20 years back, the most common professions were Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer. Every Movie you see of those times you will be strongly reminded of this fact. Every Parent in India wanted their kid to be one of the above professional. And then with changing times the society changed and so did the professions.

Around 8-10 years back there again came a change in profession patterns and Engineering became the highest pursued career. The Engineer stream which had basic streams like Civil, Electrical, Mechanical saw flooding of other sub streams. And hence India had ushered into a the new Era of educational revolution. And Boom came Information Technology & Computers. Mumbai University Also included this things in this courses. These 2 streams reached the top positions in a short span and every Indian wanted their kid to be a computer geek. With this new changed educational reforms there was a need for new type of courses and hence the term Professional Courses was minted. BSc-IT and BSc-CS in degree courses and BE computers, IT and much more came to focus

Why and what was the need for this sudden change in Educational trends in India. Why Information Technology came to forefront and why does current changes in Market have the deepest impact on only the IT industry????? These questions always bothered me a lot. The saddest thing for me is that when I completed my BSc-IT, the Indian market was at its very low. The Economy in US was not stable and IT faced its wrath. And Now when i am about to complete my MCA the market is turning the same way. There has to be a reason for this. My analysis of situations brought me to this conclusions.

  • IT market is nothing but a Supporting tool for the real world. IT industries directly don't come in the producer consumer circle but they really influence this circle a lot. IT as it is called or Information Technology is processing of raw data into information. Raw data in forms of Surveys and processed information in form of market trend analysis. Consider the simple case of your daily grocery store. Now that store is indeed working very fine without computers. All registers and account balance is maintained by the employees. Now computer makes a grand entry and this same task of register maintenance ( now called as Database or DB) is done by computers. Bill generation, Report Generation, calculations are done by the humble computer. And hence exactly this need led to the growth of IT.
  • IT helped Industrial Revolution and vice-versa. Cross culture business, spreading of MNC's is very much dependent on IT itself. The graph of Industrial growth takes a nice steep rise coz of IT only. But mind you IT is not business, but a tool or catalyst to help other business grow
  • You may wonder then what are IT companies famous for and what is there main source of income. The main customers for this industries are the producers in the producer consumer cycle. IT industries will always remain as the support staff for this main businesses.
  • Now this IT support and Software is basically the support and maintenance for the company, whenever there is a slack in the market, the main source to stop over flow of money is to stop this support activities. In every slack period within the market, any company or for that matter you will always chuck the enhancement and will concentrate on the core activities. Example of this could be:- You giving your house a fresh coat of paint so that it looks nice. But now your low on finance and has a leakage in walls, then of-course you will divert your focus on waterproofing rather then painting the wall.
  • Also many companies built websites and software for different company and organisations and once a threshold or the market turns dry due to competition or finance then who will face the market crisis???  Yes you guessed it right , It will be IT industry for sure.

I got many more points to write on but then "Does it matter anyway???" Coz this are my thoughts and how much head I bang no one is gonna hear them. I may be totally wrong in this as I may be perceiving the situation and problems in my own world. Just wrote this to help the new entrants and new comers of the Industry are aware of this situations. 

College Crap... (College ka Tapri)

                      Few days back I visited my degree college. I dint go there for the sake of visiting my college but for revisiting memories. I had a cup of tea near our Favorite Tapri. While having the tea, I was just wondering “Sala idhar baitke we would spend hours and hours with friends and ab toh 5 minutes bhi jyada lag raha hai”. I came to a very interesting conclusion from my thoughts. When we used to visit our Tapri daily after bunking the lectures, we used to talk non stop at this place. I tried to recollect few of the topics of discussions we had but all those were just CRAP for me now. But hey, back then they were more important for us then USA killing Osama.

College to Office - A Complex Journey

“College to Office” These are just 3 words to hear but in reality they are like 3 years to live and let me tell you that these 3 years are like a lifetime.

“There is a universal Truth we all have to face, whether you want to or not, 'Everything Eventually Ends', As much as I've looked forward to this day, I have always disliked endings. 
Last day of College "The final chapter of a great Book". 
Parting ways with a close friend, but endings are inevitable, leaves fall, we close the book.
You say Goodbye. Today is one of those days for us. Today we say goodbye to everything that was familiar. Everything that was comfortable.We are moving on. But just because we are leaving and that hurts, there are some people who are so much a part of us, that they will be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground, our direction. And the small clear voice in our hearts that will be with us ......................................................Always”.

               I recently completed my college and started with my Job. I was very much happy that I was able to secure a job before I even completed my college and that too getting placed when you are not from a well known college was an added bonus. 

               Last semester being complete internship I was thinking that this phase will prepare me to get into the company mood. It will help in our transition from student to a professional. I was hoping that this change from College to Office will be comfortable and gradual.

               Then suddenly after around 1 week of getting into the office zone, I found myself complete stranded, stranded in my own thoughts. I wasn’t prepared for this. I always felt that the transitional phase was over during internship period, I had prepared myself for this change. But sadly I was totally wrong. During internship we weren’t going to college but we were very much a part of college. We were connected to this institute for our synopsis, project presentations, corrections and stuff. We didn’t attend the college but still enjoyed the college life.

            1 week into my job I realized I was going through a vacuum. It was kinda different thing coz I really felt goalless. I only had the task assigned to me which was supposed to be completed. The tasks were monotonous and within one week lost their charm of the fact that I will be earning if I complete those tasks. I was really thinking what is this thing that I feel is lost. Then I realized that even during my internship, I always had something to look forward too. Once the synopsis was done, we had presentations, once the presentations were done then we had the Black book. We were constantly looking forward to something and hence didn’t realize that we still had college in our minds and thoughts.

But now only left is the eerie feeling of doing something just for the sake of money.

“College to Office” Just 3 words but so difficult to live.

I am very much thankful to my college (kitna bhi kharab ho fir bhi) for giving me those wonderful moments to cherish about.

My classmates and friends, with whom I became a part of a family. I will always try to be of any help to them. Love u All. Guys and really eating Tiffin is so boring now. :(

My joyous seniors, who were like elder siblings to me.

And my juniors for whom we weren’t seniors but friends. We are always best at Cricket :P

Really thanks for making my 3 years in Sterling worth cherishing the whole life.