College Crap... (College ka Tapri)

                      Few days back I visited my degree college. I dint go there for the sake of visiting my college but for revisiting memories. I had a cup of tea near our Favorite Tapri. While having the tea, I was just wondering “Sala idhar baitke we would spend hours and hours with friends and ab toh 5 minutes bhi jyada lag raha hai”. I came to a very interesting conclusion from my thoughts. When we used to visit our Tapri daily after bunking the lectures, we used to talk non stop at this place. I tried to recollect few of the topics of discussions we had but all those were just CRAP for me now. But hey, back then they were more important for us then USA killing Osama.

                   Now few months back all of my Degree friends had a meet up at the same Tapri. And our topic of discussions where “Tu Kidhar Job kar raha hai ? ”, “ Kiska Certification kiya ?”, “ Are Suna kya ………………. Wipro mein lag gaya ?” and other stuff. All these talks where kinda totally formal for us. We didn’t talk anything about the crap. After the few formal questions were completed, we all were silent as we didn’t have any other topic to discuss. I guess the CRAP that we used to talk back then in college was missing now. It was an awkward moment for all. We were thinking about what to talk now.

                   I would personally say that my degree college had nothing special in it leaving my friends. But I guess I was wrong. The CRAP which we miss now, when all the friends meet, is just lost or can be said as preserved by the college. The same CRAPY talks will be passed on by the college to its new students and it will continue that way. The college has definitely given me many things as I passed my graduation but took that CRAP away from me. I do miss it and want it back.

The Tea doesn’t taste the same without the Crap you know.

This is for all my Degree friends and PG friends.

PG guys I hope we try to keep the CRAP with us when we leave our college. :)

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