College to Office - A Complex Journey

“College to Office” These are just 3 words to hear but in reality they are like 3 years to live and let me tell you that these 3 years are like a lifetime.

“There is a universal Truth we all have to face, whether you want to or not, 'Everything Eventually Ends', As much as I've looked forward to this day, I have always disliked endings. 
Last day of College "The final chapter of a great Book". 
Parting ways with a close friend, but endings are inevitable, leaves fall, we close the book.
You say Goodbye. Today is one of those days for us. Today we say goodbye to everything that was familiar. Everything that was comfortable.We are moving on. But just because we are leaving and that hurts, there are some people who are so much a part of us, that they will be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground, our direction. And the small clear voice in our hearts that will be with us ......................................................Always”.

               I recently completed my college and started with my Job. I was very much happy that I was able to secure a job before I even completed my college and that too getting placed when you are not from a well known college was an added bonus. 

               Last semester being complete internship I was thinking that this phase will prepare me to get into the company mood. It will help in our transition from student to a professional. I was hoping that this change from College to Office will be comfortable and gradual.

               Then suddenly after around 1 week of getting into the office zone, I found myself complete stranded, stranded in my own thoughts. I wasn’t prepared for this. I always felt that the transitional phase was over during internship period, I had prepared myself for this change. But sadly I was totally wrong. During internship we weren’t going to college but we were very much a part of college. We were connected to this institute for our synopsis, project presentations, corrections and stuff. We didn’t attend the college but still enjoyed the college life.

            1 week into my job I realized I was going through a vacuum. It was kinda different thing coz I really felt goalless. I only had the task assigned to me which was supposed to be completed. The tasks were monotonous and within one week lost their charm of the fact that I will be earning if I complete those tasks. I was really thinking what is this thing that I feel is lost. Then I realized that even during my internship, I always had something to look forward too. Once the synopsis was done, we had presentations, once the presentations were done then we had the Black book. We were constantly looking forward to something and hence didn’t realize that we still had college in our minds and thoughts.

But now only left is the eerie feeling of doing something just for the sake of money.

“College to Office” Just 3 words but so difficult to live.

I am very much thankful to my college (kitna bhi kharab ho fir bhi) for giving me those wonderful moments to cherish about.

My classmates and friends, with whom I became a part of a family. I will always try to be of any help to them. Love u All. Guys and really eating Tiffin is so boring now. :(

My joyous seniors, who were like elder siblings to me.

And my juniors for whom we weren’t seniors but friends. We are always best at Cricket :P

Really thanks for making my 3 years in Sterling worth cherishing the whole life.


  1. Very nice thoughts...:)
    Very good sagar..nicely written ..:)
    i felt also like that last year and now also feel sometimes when i see 3-4 friends chatting and giggling.:) i also miss my friends and college days.:( we r so lonely now without friends..:(
    but it is part our life.:)
    so best of luck..:) and welcome to boring professional life..:)

    1. "Welcome to boring professional life".
      I want my college life back.
      Thanks for your nice comments....

  2. Really very nice thought brings me bk to my last year..i really enjoyed these days..wid l'il fight , lots of laugh and very nice frndsss..
    .kab milnge naa jane hum
    yaaron fir se sabhi
    laut kar ab naa aayege woh masti bhare din kabhi
    ho dil ye apna kahe ki ae dosto

    (i am really gonna miss this place
    i am gonna miss my college days