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Welcome to Programs 4 MCA. 

                     I am a Master Of Computer Applications graduate from Mumbai University. During my PG days I use to always find it difficult to find programs or in fact any specific notes for studies on a single site. Most of my study time was wasted in searching for content over the Internet. At times I was frustrated as the time I spent to search over the internet was not even worth it.

                     But Slow and Study I was inching towards my end of being a MCA student and beginning my Career as a MCA graduate. I always use to think that why don't we have a single site or a blog to help students like me. It was like "The Syllabus was like a vast ocean and the notes were like a mere liter of Water". And Mumbai University or for that matter any University doesn't provide us with enough guide lines to browse notes from. 

                   The main purpose of me writing this blog is to help students like me who are lost in the sea of invalid research work done on the net and the real content they need. On this blog I will be posting the notes for MCA and most importantly the programs. Yes I do agree that many will think that they have done the same programs in there graduation days, but "Hello" can you recollect the basic C++ syntax or java code. So if you can recollect those then I must say that You people are really Scholars of IT because  grad days for me were just fun days. Coming back to Post Graduation we need to focus as it surely becomes the stepping stone to our career. 
"And if you miss this stepping stone then I regret to say that you will stoned through out your career".

            The Content and post and the programs and the UML Diagrams you see this this Blog are collected and assembled from friends in My MCA College and Also from friends not from my College but who completed their MCA with me. I would Just like to thank ( Sequence Doesnt Matter :P) Yogi, Rajjo, Swap, Hemant, Sid, Sijo, Mallu, Guddu, Apurva,  Simna, Shweta M and Many others for helping me gather the content.
                  So Keep Watching this Space for more Notes and Programs being uploaded.

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