HSC What next?

Congratulations to all those who have successfully completed there HSC exam or Best of Luck if the results are not out yet. I always wondered that why only SSC and HSC exam results were given too much importance and not any other board exam. Damm each of my MCA exam (Semester) was a University exam. Let that things be kept aside.

MY purpose of writing this page is that many a times young minds are lost in options of what kind of graduation they want to do?

    When I passed my 12th HSC Exam I was kinda focused about what I wanted to do. But many a times students tend to get confused in what they want to pursue. I did my Graduation in BSc (IT) and then went on to do my post grad in MCA. When I meet my Grad friends I see most of them left IT as their main stream and when I inquired all they said that "Are We did as our Parents told us to do After our HSC exam results". So that was the reason why the whole generation of students go haywire after there HSC Exam Results.

Leaving that Behind. IT after 12th or HSC is want I want to write about.

IT as we say is related to computers and if your thinking it the same way then your absolutely true. No doubt in that. But many people dont know what exactly they can get in their careers after doing IT.

Basically there are 2 main fields in IT. 
1) Development. &
2) Maintenance

Yea Yea you people wont get the exact difference now but lemme complete what i have started to write.

Development in IT.

As you are reading this blog then you must be aware of websites. Now what is a website. It can be said as a application on the web or application accessible to all on web. Website creation, designing, coding all this comes under Development.
But mind you computer has many varieties of it. As in real world there are many languages depending on countries and geography in exact same way there are many languages for computers in which you can get involve in development. Each language has its unique features and supports some capabilities which is a advantage over the other. And Development is not only is website based. You people must be using Office, word, excel etc these all things are nothing but applications which are developed by some one or the other. Even the Road Rash game, Pinball, NFS games you play are applications.

Development itself has many streams in it. Database is an integral part of a Application. Any Application cant hold itself without a database. And In IT We have a total different science or stream to study these databases.
Oracle, Access, Etc are the examples of data storage. Data storage is nothing but the attendance sheet your faculty used to carry in class. It is also a form of Database to them.

Maintenance in IT:-

Now what will maintenance means in IT. We all aware of the Municipal Corporations of our Towns. They basically are into maintenance of our city and town. Maintenance is something related to keep the things working. Traffic Flow, Blockage etc. Yes This things do happen in IT too. Ever wondered how can you get internet on your PC. We dont need a code for a that or any program, but a simple hard ware tweaking and you will get the internet on your machine. Maintenance is seeing now things work, debug them, test them and keep them running. Testing is getting lot of scope these days coz of that.

So that was it from my side. I am sure a IT professional will find this write up very simple and incomplete, but hey this is written for all those anxious students who are awaiting there HSC Exam Results (12th results). The Aim is to give them some idea about what IT is, so that they can make a wise decisions before getting into it. I dont want young minds getting wasted in IT if there interest lies somewhere else. HSC Exam Result for me was really a headache. 

So now enjoy people. All the Best for your Careers.