UML Diagrams for Tour Management

Unified Modelling Language Practicals. This Subject is called as UML in Mumbai University MCA Colleges. Below is the case study of it for the construction of different UML diagrams

CASE STUDY: Tour Management System.

Previously people wishing to visit places had to manually search for available accommodation at the visiting places. Also they themselves had to make reservation. People hardly had any knowledge of which are the worth seeing places and about its history. Such procedure was time consuming and energy wasting.

Tour Reservation System has made life very easy for such visitors by saving both their time and energy.
Visitor requests for scheme to check the availability of the desired tour package. This information is stored in Tour Information System.
System will check whether the customer is existing or new. New user will enter his personal and tour details for reservation. In turn he/she will be provided with system generated unique ID and password. This login information could be used for further transactions.

When customer is satisfied with tour package he/she would request for reservation of tour. Personal details of new customer is stored in cust_info while the details regarding the tour selected by particular customer is stored in tour_info and the details regarding it would be restructured in Tour Information System.
Existing customer can update his/her personal details in cust_info and cancel reservation for tour from tour_info and changes regarding it are also reflected in Tour Information System.
After confirming the tour package the customer will make payment either online or through staff by personally going at the office. Customer can make payment by cash, credit card or by cheque.
System checks for the validity of staff. Once the payment is done by customer, valid staff will make Ticket Reservation System. .

Reserved customer will be able to view details about reservation by providing login information from cust_info and tour_info system.
Administrator can add, delete or modify tour schemes from Tour Information System.

Use Case Diagram Tour Management System :-

Activity Diagram Tour Management System :-

Class Diagram Tour Management System:-

Sequence Diagram Tour Management System :-

Collaboration Diagram Tour Management System :-

State Diagram Tour Management System :-

Component Diagram Tour Management System :-

Deployment Diagram Tour Management System:-

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