UML Diagrams for Hospital Management System

Unified Modelling Language Practicals. This Subject is called as UML in Mumbai University MCA Colleges. Below is the case study of it for the construction of different UML diagrams

CASE STUDY: Hospital Management System

The hospital has several specialized departments like Cardiology, Gynecologic, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, ENT etc. OPD is another independent department. A doctor is only associated with one specialized department at a time though he/she can be a member of the OPD(Outside Patients Department) department. Each doctor has a visiting time and day in a week.
At reception the patient details are entered and the fees are also taken and the patient is tracked on the basis of the Id generated.
            In routine a patient can visit the doctors either directly selecting a doctor or by getting admitted to the hospital and then a doctor visits the patients.
A doctor can prescribe tests for the patient to perform. The patient visits the lab to get done the tests prescribed by his/her doctor. The reports are given to the patient. The payments pertaining to the tests are done at the reception. Referring the reports, the doctor prescribes the patient medicines or further tests or is asked to get admitted.
A patient is admitted into a ward of a specialized department (if available) as per the doctor’s prescription. The number of wards is limited and if there is no vacant ward the admission of the patient is rescheduled.
As per the prescription of the doctor the patient is operated on a specified date and time as decided by the doctor who is doing the operation.
After the completion of the treatment a patient may get discharged on an advice of a doctor and upon the complete payment of all due charges at the reception. On payment of full dues the reception generates a discharge ticket for the patient

Use Case Diagram:-
Use Case Diagram for Hospital Management UML

Class Diagram:-
Class Diagram for Hospital Management UML

Activity Diagram Registration :-
Activity Diagram for Registration in Hospital

Activity Diagram for Ward Allocation:- 
Activity Diagram Ward Allocation Hospital Management

Activity Diagram for Tests to Perform:-
Activity Diagram Tests to perform Hospital Management

Activity Diagram for Treatment and Operations:-
Activity Diagram Treatments and Operations Hospital Management

Activity Diagram Discharge:-

Activity Diagram Discharge from Hospital Management

State Chart Diagram for Patient:-
State Diagram for Patient Hospital Management UML Diagram

State Diagram for Doctor:-
State Diagram for Doctor Hospital Management UML Diagram

State Diagram for Ward Object:-
State Diagram for Ward Hospital Management UML Diagram

Sequence Diagram for Patient Admit / Registration:-
Sequence Diagram Admit Patient and allocate Ward Hospital

Sequence Diagram Test & Operation:-
Sequence Diagram Test & Operation Hospital Management

Sequence Diagram Discharge from Hospital :-
Sequence Diagram Discharge from Hospital UML Diagrams

Collaboration Diagram Admit to Hospital:-
UML Collaboration Diagram for Admitting to Hospital & Bed Allocation

Collaboration Diagram for Treatment at Hospital:-
UML Collaboration Diagram for Treatment at Hospital

Collaboration Diagram for Discharge from Hospital :-
UML Collaboration Diagram Discharge Hospital


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