State Diagram for Digital Watch UML

Unified Modelling Language Practicals. This Subject is called as UML in Mumbai University MCA Colleges. Below is the case study of it for the construction of different UML diagrams 

In This Section we are going to solve some questions of UML which were asked in University Exams.

UML Question in Exams:-

Consider a simple digital watch which has a display and two buttons to set it, the A button and the B button. The watch has two modes of operation, display time mode, the watch displays hours and minutes, separated by a flashing colon.

The set time mode has two submodes: set hours and set minutes. The A button selects modes. Each time it is pressed, the mode advances in sequence: display, set hours, set minutes, display etc.

Within the submodes, the B button advances the hours or minutes once each time it is pressed. Buttons must be released before they can generate another event.

Draw the state transition diagram for above described digital watch.

State Transition Diagram for Digital Watch:-

State Transition Diagram for Digital Watch

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